Hygromechanical analysis of damage in metal/composite assemblies: modeling and experimentation at the micro and mesoscale (hired)

Key words

Multiscale modeling, analytical modeling, finite element modeling, micromechanics, hygromechanical coupling, multiphysics, advanced experiments, microtomography

Profile and skills required

  •  Master’s degree in mechanical, structural or civil engineering.
  •  Strong skills in solid mechanics.
  •  Finite element simulation skills (preferably with previous experience with Abaqus or Comsol Multiphysics).
  •  Motivation to perform modeling research.
  •  Motivation to perform advanced experimental testing.
  •  Knowledge of micromechanics (or motivation to learn it).
  •  Motivation to conduct fundamental research at a rapid pace.
  •  Scientific communication and advanced English.


Supervised by Maria-Letizia RAFFA (MCF, ISAE-Supméca), Olga KLINKOVA (PR, ISAE-Supméca)Tony DA SILVA BOTELHO (PR, ISAE-Supméca).


Financial support from the French National Research Agency (ANR) via the ANR JCJC ASHENDO project (ANR-22-CE08). Participation in national and international conferences (2 to 3) is included.

Detailed profil:

Detailed PhD profile