MIG welding machine

MIG welding machine

Welding consists in assembling two parts by realizing the continuity of the material which composes them. The resulting joint is the weld. The MIG process (Metal Inert Gas) uses a neutral gas that does not react with the molten metal (argon or argon + helium).

Technical characteristics :

  • Single phase 3 in 1
  • MIG/MAG wire welding, wire diameters 0,6-0,8-1 mm 
  • Without GAS cored wire diameters 0,9-1,2mm
  • MMA arc welding up to 120 Amp
  • Power supply 230 volts
  • Power 35-170 Amp
  • Welding thickness 1,5 to 5 mm
Schéma d’une torche de soudage
Vue en coupe d’une torche de soudage MIG
Localisation : ISAE-SUPMECA

contact : equipements@isae-supmeca.fr

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