The Quartz Laboratory’s research activities are mainly focused on the engineering of complex systems, information sciences and their interactions in relation with applied mathematics.

The Quartz Laboratory is a multidisciplinary research unit dedicated to the engineering of complex systems. It is organised in two directions of research that group the following scientific disciplinary and multi-disciplinary themes : Complex Physical and Numerical Systems (SCPN) ; the Behaviour of Mechanical Systems and Materials (CoS2M).

Direction SCPN is structured around nonlinear control system design, power electronics, high speed electronics, sustainable systems, renewable energy and mechatronics.

Direction CoS2M is focused on the study of the vibratory and acoustic behaviour of structures and on the behaviour of materials under severe stresses caused by service conditions. Attention is given to nonlinearities and geometric stresses in the context of analysing and optimising the behaviour of mechanical systems.

Cross-disciplinary projects ensure interaction between the different research themes. The Quartz Laboratory designs and produces prototypes (numerical and physical), tests, and develops innovative solutions to fundamental and applied problems raised by the study and engineering of complex systems. These solutions take into account the economic and environmental challenges of society, with total respect for human dignity. The synergy of its research activities and the expertise developed are exploited to satisfy academic and industrial expectations, by offering a wide-ranging offer of engineering sciences, as can be seen from the diversity of the contracts dealt with since it was founded in 2015. It is strongly involved in a large number of clusters (Systematic, Mov’eo, Cap Digital, ASTech, Cosmetic Valley) and present in many research groups : MACS, DYNOLIN, MaDICS and GT SDH, Sync-Obs, C2EI, Easy-dim, IS3C.

Thus, different types of expertise, their synergy, and their grouping in sufficient numbers (critical size) of researchers by theme make up the basic core of Quartz, which aims at carrying out fundamental research, its transfer and exploitation at the same time.