The purpose of the works done is to produce a set of tools to aid the preliminary design and global optimisation of complex multiphysical systems through synthesis.

At present, most existing formalisms allow describing fully defined systems, i.e. solutions to an initial design problem. They do not allow describing the entirety of a design problem and, a priori, by specifying the properties that must verify the resulting system, the requirements to be satisfied, the constants of the problem, the unknowns (variables of design and architecture), the potential architectures in intension (contrary to a description in extension). Likewise, there is no synthesis (not analysis) software tool that allows interpreting this description of the problem in such a way as to use the properties and requirements expressed and to generate one or several system solutions that necessary verify the said properties and requirements by construction (Model Based System Synthesis or MBSS).

The problems that we seek to model and solve concern dimensioning, configuration, the allocation and synthesis of the architecture of technical systems, and goods and service production systems.

To do this, we participate in the specification and development of DEPS formalism ( and in the production works of the modelling, compilation and integrated solution software workshop, DEPS Studio. The solving techniques used are those of constraint programming in mixed domains.

Another part of the works involves establishing an approach to modelling mathematical programming problems (especially linear), starting from the transformation of a UML type model to produce a linear programming model in view to solving it with a CPLEX type solver.

 Our works are applied to hard and software systems, and mechanical, electrical, embedded and Cyber-Physical systems. All these works lead to developing model-oriented approaches to represent and solve complex system designs.