Two variants of bi-objective Vehicle Routing Problem in Home (Health)-care fields

Thèse de HADJTAYED Salma

Our occupation aimed to model “VRPPTW-TD-2MS” and “VRPBTW-TD-2MS” problems and solve them with Cplex. Two MILP have been formulated as bi-objective models to determine the caregivers’ tours while optimizing the objective functions minimizing the total traveling distance and the total negative preference or the maximal difference workload of home care workers. The output of our programs provides care services to a geographically dispersed population while assigning visits to each caregiver and defining the tour of each vehicle. The set of efficient solutions (for each combination of objectives weights) have been obtained with Cplex within one hour. Note that our problems include the VRP, which is known to be NP-Hard. For that reason, we will propose a metaheuristic method to solve these models and larger instances in shorter CPU time as future work.

Encadrement : 

Monsieur EL MHAMEDI Abderrahman et Madame Taicir LOUKIL (Université de Sfax)

Localisation : Université Paris 8